Technical Support

Technical Support

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  1. What is a NanoPi?

    The NanoPi is a compact sized SOC board. It is based on Samsung's S3C2451 and can be used in electronic projects, IOT applications and etc. It works with mutiple Linux distributions.

  2. Who Creates the NanoPi?

    The FriendlyARM Team creates the NanoPi. Our goal is to provide easy to use ARM boards with affordable prices.

B. Purchase & Shipment
  1. Where can I buy one?

    You can buy the NanoPi either through our website or from some international distributors.

  2. How much does it cost?

    Currently the NanoPi's unit price is $16. This doesn't include any taxes or shipping/handling fees.

  3. What do I get when I buy one?

    You will get the follow items:
    >One NanoPi with/without case
    >One USB Cable

  4. Is the device available internationally?


  5. How to pay on your website.

    You can pay it via paypal on our website, if you want to make bank wire transfers please submit your order information to and we will reply to you as soon as possible.

  1. What are the Username and Password for logging in the NanoPi?

    The default username for most of the FriendlyARM boards is "root" (without the quotation marks) and the default password is "fa" (without the quotation marks). If that does not work please check the information from your specific disto on its download page.

  2. What are the differences between the NanoPi and the Raspberry Pi?

    The NanoPi is more affordable and Smaller than the Raspberry Pi.

  3. How do I connect a mouse and keyboard?

    The NanoPi has one USB that can be used to connect a USB 2.0 device. If you want to connect more than one USB device to the board you can connect a USB hub to the NanoPi and your devices to the USB hub.

  4. What are the dimensions of the NanoPi?

    It is 75mm x 30mm x 20mm. It weighs 50g.

  5. What technical documents are available?

    Please check the "NanoPi" term on our .

  6. What SoC is the NanoPi based on?

    The NanoPi is based on Samsung's S3C2451.

  7. What is an SoC?

    An SoC, or System on a Chip, is a system which contains all necessary electronic components for running a computer on a single chip. Instead of having an individual chip for the CPU, GPU, USB controller, RAM, Northbridge, SouthBridge, etc., everything is integrated into one tiny package.

  8. Why did you select the S3C2451?

    Better performance with affordable price.

  9. How does it boot?

    The NanoPi can be booted from a MicroSD card.